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Halo's Unofficial Interactive Skilltree

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Key / Legend
The orb is Un-Available for purchase.
The orb is Avalible for purchase.
The orb has been purchased.
The orb has been purchased on screen. note 1
The orb is off. note
The orb is on. note
The orb only theoretically exsists right now.
If the orb has a thick border it has some extra notes. note
Enabled path
Enabled path
Dual lines.
Fades out before reaching the next node.
Arrow keys: Move
Page Up: Zoom In
Page Down: Zoom Out
The orb-map visualizer may take a bit of time to load the first time, please be patient.
If this takes longer then a minute, you are ether on dial up or are on a unsupported browser.
Check if your browser supports ES6. (That's probably the problem)

Skill Tree Design Notes:

The orbs may be Nth technology, however this is merely speculation.

The com-orb can goe from transmitting a image to transmitting the person. The other orbs may have similar upgrades.

Sydney needs to get permission to take a week and systematically test each sigil on each orb. Given Mage-Sight and the Teleport function both have requirements to enable, this may show some other functionalities.

Is there a unlock tree for the telepathic control of the orbs? Could that expand her control while not holding them to the point where she does not need to?

To Do: